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We are proud to share our annual reports with employees, patients and community members. Click through our archives to view past interactive reports.

Report to Our Community
A look at how Norton Healthcare has impacted our patients and community.





Report to Our Employees
A snapshot of the employees who live our mission, vision, values every day — and then some!


Nursing Annual Report

Norton Healthcare’s nurses provide compassionate care in innovative and groundbreaking ways. Read about our nursing staff’s many achievements and clinical breakthroughs.




Norton Healthcare Board of Trustees

Gary L. Stewart

Vice chair
Edie Nixon

Brendan Canavan
Russell F. Cox
Sue Davis, Ed.D., R.N.
Marshall Farrer
Lee K. Garlove
Craig D. Grant
R. K. Guillaume, chair emeritus
Maria G. Hampton
Martha K. Heyburn, M.D.
Richard R. Ivey
Ronald Lehocky, M.D.
Gail Lyttle
Gregory E. Mayes
Barry Pennybaker
Erwin Roberts
Donald H. Robinson
G. Hunt Rounsavall Jr.
The Rev. William J. Schultz
Rita Shourds, Ed.D.
James L. Sublett, M.D.
Richard S. Wolf, M.D.

Norton Healthcare Foundation Board of Directors

Lee K. Garlove

Jim Turner

Past chair
Krista Ward

Charles Leanhart, CPA

Holly Schroering

Tom Austin
Matthew Ayers *
Justin Baker
George Bell
Judge Denise Clayton
Steven Conway *
Jeffrey Cumberbatch
David Dafoe
Robert R. Iliff
Patricia F. Kantlehner
Barbara Kramer
Janet Lively
Doug Madison
Lisa McClure
Jane Riehl
Melissa A. Robich
Curtis L. Royce
Connie Simmons
Gary L. Stewart
Louis R. Straub II
Angela Tafel
Bruce White

*Permanent director by designated office

Children’s Hospital Foundation Board of Directors

Peter Tevebaugh

Vice chairs
Bruce Dudley
Marita Willis

Past chair
Cindi Shrader

Tonii Rizzo

Mitchel Denham

Terrian Barnes
Ryan Bridgeman
Ashley Novak Butler
Tony Christensen
Kelly Cummins
Jose Neil Donis
Robert D. Evans
Amy L. Garlove, M.D.
Mimi Hwang
Dana Johnson
Karen L. Keith
Margie McClamroch*
Rachel Miles-Merrick
Mary Newell
Paul Oberst
Becky Petrino
Mark Prussian
David Ramage
Emmett C. Ramser, Pharm.D.*
G. Hunt Rounsavall Jr.
Dale Schaefer
Eddie Smith
Bev Wahl*
Debbie Waiz

*Serves by virtue of office

Norton Healthcare Senior Executive Leadership

President and CEO
Russell F. Cox
Chief Executive Officer

Executive Vice President
Michael W. Gough
Executive Vice President
Chief Operating Officer

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