Our future

A focus on the
future of health
in Kentucky

Kentucky continues to face serious health challenges that are unique to our state. Norton Healthcare is committed to the well-being and health of our community here at home and throughout Kentucky. Our partnerships with other leading health care providers and innovative educational initiatives are driven by this commitment.

Strengthening our partnership with UK HealthCare

Norton Healthcare began a partnership with UK HealthCare in 2010 to establish a statewide network of care designed to address some of Kentucky’s most significant health concerns, including cancer, stroke and heart disease. Since then, the partnership continues to grow.

  • Cancer: In 2013, Norton Cancer Institute expanded its partnership with UK HealthCare’s Markey Cancer Center. This partnership provides advanced treatments and clinical trial options for more cancer patients in the region, positioning both organizations to raise the bar for cancer care in the state.
  • Stroke: The Kentucky Stroke Collaborative is a statewide partnership for stroke care, awareness and research.
  • Heart disease: The partnership allowed for the development of an Advanced Heart Failure and Pulmonary Hypertension Clinic, an Interventional Cardiovascular Fellowship Program and a statewide acute myocardial infarction network.

Our partnership with UK HealthCare provides the opportunity to collaborate with hospitals and health care providers in every region of the state.