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“Especially with Dr. Puno, I believe I’m in good hands.” –Mosell Wakero



Price Cooper




At age 15, after finding no relief through medical treatment in Ethiopia, he and his
family felt hopeless until help arrived from nearly 8,000 miles away.


                        “I knew that I could help him,” Dr. Puno said.


"Especially with Dr. Puno, I believe I’m in good hands,” Mosell said during an
interview with the Courier-Journal before his surgery.


Dr. Puno performed the procedure, which involved inserting steel rods to help
straighten Mosell’s spine, as well as some bone fusions, at the children’s hospital
in August 2015. It took nearly nine hours.


“It’s all about being able to help him live a normal life. I feel grateful for being able
to step into the lives of Mosell and other children and change them for the better.
This job has a lot of rewards,” Dr. Puno said.


After the surgery Mosell couldn’t wait to live the life that had escaped him for the
previous five years, including playing sports and spending time with friends. He said
he’d always remember and be grateful for those who came to his rescue.


“I am so thankful for everything Dr. Puno and the children’s hospital have done
for me and my family,” Mosell said. “It’s like a light shining from the sky on us.”


40 and facing hip replacement


Price Cooper stays fit by playing tennis, jogging and riding his bike. Now in his mid-40s, he began experiencing hip pain in his late 30s. He tried physical therapy, acupuncture and steroid injections — until the pain got to be too much.


“The tipping point was when it came down to me just not sleeping,” Cooper said. “I can deal with pain and discomfort, but when I could not consistently get a good night’s rest, I said I’ve got to do something about this.”


It’s not entirely common for younger people to develop such severe arthritis. If a person has sustained an injury or had years of wear and tear on a joint from sports or other activities, having serious pain at Cooper’s age is expected.


For Cooper, getting back to his high level of activity was goal No. 1.


“For older patients who are less active, getting back quality of life is very simple,” Dr. Yerasimides said. “For patients like Price, it’s a bit more challenging. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get back that active lifestyle. It just takes a little more work.”


Cooper said those considering surgery will face some ups and downs along the way, but the end result is well worth it.


“If surgery is inevitable, don’t put it off,” Cooper said. “Study it, get comfortable with it, know what you’re up against, but then go ahead and get it done.”


Norton Healthcare makes commitment to area schools, athletes


Norton Healthcare made a commitment to fund the purchase of new, safer football helmets for Jefferson County Public Schools’ football players as well as expand concussion education and testing.


Norton Healthcare made it possible for schools to replace unsafe helmets with four-star helmets, which are considered “very good” using the Virginia Tech Helmet Ratings system.


In addition, Norton Healthcare committed to providing ImPACT testing (Immediate
Post-concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing) for all football players in JCPS middle
and high schools and all JCPS high school students who play high-impact sports.



Mosell Wakero

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