Mya White

on the field while running sprints. He went into sudden cardiac arrest and for nearly 30 minutes stopped breathing and had no pulse. Thanks to the immediate response from his coach and a nearby parent who performed CPR, Tanner survived and has no residual side effects.

The sound of music

  • Improving infant breathing
  • Increasing infant weight gain
  • Reducing pain
  • Promoting developmental skills
  • Calming infants and promoting deeper sleep
  • Improving sucking and feeding skills


The therapy usually takes place at the bedside and includes family whenever possible. Sessions may include gentle lullaby-style singing, guitar music, therapeutic touch and personalized lullaby writing.


“Parents, families and staff consistently report how infants show noticeable benefits after receiving music therapy, whether it be improved oxygen saturation levels, more motivation and endurance during feeding, or increased alertness when cuddling,” said Michael Detmer, board-certified and NICU-certified music therapist.



Introducing a new medical director


  As medical director, Dr. McDonald divides his time between caring for children needing intensive care and administrative responsibilities.
  Having been the medical director for critical care, Dr. McDonald has had the opportunity to work with many physicians throughout the

  hospital and can help identify areas that need structure or improvement.


“The critical care unit is one of the epicenters of the hospital, receiving patients from the emergency department, operating room or direct admits to the hospital,” he said. “So the relationships I have formed and my knowledge of the hospital’s administrative structure will help me as I guide everyone toward our goal of providing care to children who need it.”


              n email received in early 2013 ultimately changed the lives of a Kentucky family
                and an infant living in China. That’s when Shelly White received a particular prayer 
              request from Show Hope: A Movement to Care for Orphans, an organization she
          and her family supported. The prayer request was for Mya, an abandoned baby who had stage 4 cancer.


“For some reason, Mya’s situation was so heartbreaking to me and I felt an intense calling to help,” Shelly said. “Our family prayed every day for Mya, but constant prayer just didn’t seem like enough for me.”


That’s when Shelly and her husband, Hal, first thought of actually adopting Mya.


“Our family just felt 
a strong calling 
from God to take charge and get this little girl the care she desperately needed.” –Shelly White“Our family just felt a strong calling from God to take
charge and get this little girl the care she desperately
needed,” Shelly said.


The first step was finding a hospital to take on Mya’s
care. The Whites contacted the children’s hospital,
which agreed to take Mya’s case. Mya arrived in Louisville
on May 7, 2013, and began chemotherapy treatments

just two days later.


Despite a difficult cancer diagnosis and months of complicated treatment, including chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, Mya is now cancer-free.


“Mya is still as active as can be considering everything she’s gone through,” Hal said. “She runs, plays in the dirt, climbs things and acts just like a typical toddler would.”


“Mya has forever changed our family’s life,” Shelly said. “This is the hardest thing we’ve ever done, but the best thing we’ve ever done and we’re just so blessed for the gift we’ve received and that God has watched over us through this whole journey.”

Health care for even the smallest patients





Miracle on the field


Tanner Demling was born 10 weeks premature with a rare congenital heart   defect, but it hasn’t stopped him from playing sports and staying active. After undergoing surgery as an infant, his heart remained healthy and never showed signs of stress. But during lacrosse
practice in fall 2014,
Tanner, then a 16-year-old
sophomore at Trinity High School in Louisville, collapsed

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