Norton Healthcare boards and senior executive leadership

Norton Healthcare
Board of Trustees



Donald H. Robinson


Vice chair

Maria G. Hampton


Maria L. Bouvette

Brendan Canavan

Sue Davis, Ed.D., R.N.

Marshall Farrer

Lee Garlove

Craig D. Grant

R. K. Guillaume

Martha K. Heyburn, M.D.

Richard R. Ivey

Ronald Lehocky, M.D.

Gail Lyttle

Gregory E. Mayes

Maureen McGowan

Edie Nixon

Barry Pennybaker

Erwin Roberts

G. Hunt Rounsavall Jr.

The Rev. William J. Schultz

Rita Shourds

Gary L. Stewart

James L. Sublett, M.D.

Richard S. Wolf, M.D.



Norton Healthcare Foundation Board of Directors



Lee K. Garlove



James Turner


Past chair

Krista Ward



Holly Schroering



Mark Mosley


Matthew P. Ayers*

Justin Baker

George Bell

Chris Bingaman

Judge Denise Clayton

Steven Conway*

Jeffrey Cumberbatch

David Dafoe

Sydney Goetz

Karen Hale

Robert R. Iliff

Patricia F. Kantlehner

Barbara Kramer

Charles Leanhart, CPA

Janet Lively, CPSM

Lisa McClure

Lynnie Meyer, Ed.D., R.N., CFRE*

Jane Riehl

Curtis L. Royce

Connie Simmons

Gary L. Stewart

Louis R. Straub II

Whit Stodghill

Angela Tafel

Bruce White


*Permanent director by designated office

Children’s Hospital Foundation Board of Trustees



Cindi Shrader


Vice chairs

Peter Tevebaugh

Marita Willis



Tonii Rizzo



Paul Oberst


Jane Allen*

Hoyt Almond

Terrian C. Barnes

Ryan Bridgeman

Ashley Novak Butler

Anthony Christensen

Mitchel T. Denham

Jose Neil Donis

Bruce Dudley

William J. Ehrig

Robert D. Evans

Amy L. Garlove, M.D.

Christina Graven

Mimi Hwang

Dana Johnson

Karen L. Keith

Thomas D. Kmetz*

Lynnie Meyer, Ed.D., R.N., CFRE*

Rachel Miles

Elaine Morgan*

Sen. Dennis Parrett

Becky Petrino

David Ramage

G. Hunt Rounsavall Jr.

Dale Schaefer

Eddie Smith

Debbie Waiz

Richard S. Wolf, M.D.


*Serve by virtue of office

Norton Healthcare senior
executive leadership


Chief officers

Stephen A. Williams

Chief Executive Officer


Russell F. Cox



Michael W. Gough

System Senior Vice President

Chief Financial Officer


Steven T. Hester, M.D., MBA

System Senior Vice President

Chief Medical Officer


Tracy E. Williams, DNP, R.N.

Senior Vice President

System Chief Nursing Officer

'Our Norton' is a community leader and innovator in health care


Our community is part of our foundation as a health care provider, and
we want you to think of Norton Healthcare when you think about your health
and your community.


We are proud to be a community leader serving as one of the area’s largest employers, with more than 13,000 employees. In 2015, Norton Healthcare ranked No. 11 on the Healthiest 100 Workplaces in America list as ranked by Healthiest Employers, a national leader in statistics on employee health.


Our commitment to our employees is as strong as our commitment to our patients. Our community recognizes us as its provider of choice for health
and medical services, including advanced diagnostic, surgical, cardiovascular, orthopaedic, neurological, cancer, sports medicine and pediatric care. We
have built this reputation through our foundation of faith, generosity, values
and commitment to compassionate, safe, high-quality care.


You can see it in action every day at our five facilities: Norton Audubon
Hospital, Norton Brownsboro Hospital, Norton Hospital, St. Matthews
campus and our children’s hospital, as well as through specialty services
available from Norton Cancer Institute, Norton Neuroscience Institute
and Norton Medical Group.


We hope you enjoy learning more about Norton Healthcare.



Stephen A. Williams               Russell F. Cox             Donald H. Robinson

Chief Executive Officer          President                   Chair, Board of Trustees




What does 'YOUR NORTON' represent to you?


Norton Healthcare’s purpose is to provide quality health care to all those we serve, in a manner that responds to the needs of our communities and honors our
faith heritage.


We will be the region’s most comprehensive, strongest and preferred health care organization, setting the standard for quality
and caring.


At Norton Healthcare, we will:

• Respect every person

• Set the standard for quality
   and caring

• Continually improve care and

• Demonstrate stewardship of

• Accept accountability for results

• Succeed with integrity

Russell F. Cox and Stephen A. Williams

Faith history

Norton Healthcare’s faith history includes its founding organizations and other faith communities: the Episcopal Church, United Methodist Church, United Church of Christ, Presbyterian Church and Roman Catholic Church.

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