2016 Report to Our Community

Change of heart


When a fit body doesn’t equal
a fit heart

    At age 51, Chris Pryor led an active life, going to the gym, volunteering with his church and watching his grandchildren play baseball. However, a persistent cough and frequent sharp pain in the left side of his chest led Pryor to visit John S. Harris, M.D., cardiologist, Norton Heart Specialists, who ordered a stress test.

    When the results raised concerns,
Dr. Harris ordered more tests, including a heart catheterization, a minimally invasive test to look for blockages in Pryor’s arteries. During the procedure, Dr. Harris found not one, but five blockages.

    “In my mind, at almost 52, it was normal for me to take a bit to catch my breath,” Pryor said. “I chalked it up to age. Never in a million years would I have thought I’d need heart bypass surgery, much less five bypasses.”

 Patients like Pryor, who seem healthy but have serious heart disease, are more common than many people think, according to Dr. Harris, especially if they have a family history of heart disease.

    “Even if you are healthy and perceived
to be healthy, sometimes you are not,”
Dr. Harris said.


“Never in a million years would I have thought I’d need heart bypass surgery, much less five bypasses.ʼʼ


–Chris Pryor


Cardiologists with Norton Heart Specialists were the first in Greater Louisville to implant the Watchman device, used to reduce the risk of stroke in some patients. The procedure took place at Norton Hospital.

Norton Healthcare becomes part of WomenHeart, a support group for women with heart disease. Norton Healthcare is the only representative in Kentucky.

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