2016 Report to Our Community

Changing direction


Finding new purpose
after cancer

    Tina Griffith was diagnosed with breast cancer at just 38 years old.

    “I got the call at work, and it was like I was punched in the gut,” Griffith said.

    Griffith fell into a funk after learning of her diagnosis, despite having a strong support system in her family. To get through her treatment, she drew on her strong faith
in God.

    “I woke up one morning and heard, ‘If you are going to pray to me, why are you crying? And if you are going to cry, why pray?’ At that point I realized God’s got this — I’ve got this.”



“Life can change between a tick and a tock.”

 –Tina Griffith


Joseph M. Flynn, D.O., MPH, is named executive director and physician-in-chief of Norton Cancer Institute.


Norton Cancer Institute
MyYAP Young
Adult Program, a cancer
program and transition clinic focused on
the unique needs of younger cancer patients ages 15 to 39.

    Griffith’s cancer journey has ignited a passion to help others and really start living.

   “Life can change between a tick and a tock,” she said.


Norton Cancer Institute offers cancer patients same-day appointments. Patients are able to start treatment the day of diagnosis. Call (502) 629-HOPE to speak with a specialist or to schedule a same-day appointment.

    At five years cancer-free in December 2016, Griffith now shares what she’s learned to help others take control of their health. She organizes an annual health fair at a community center in West Louisville. The health fair provides mammograms and other health services through the Norton Healthcare Mobile Prevention Center.

The first Prompt Care Clinic opens downtown offering after-hours care for cancer patients, helping to avoid unnecessary ER visits.

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